The Alliance Construction Group is a privately owned building, design and construction company, providing construction, design and engineering services across Ontario.

The Alliance Construction Group has been involved in project design and construction over years. The company has established productive working relationships with both commercials and private clients.

Steady growth has enabled Alliance Construction Group the ability to continually enhance its workplace environment through the efforts of the many skilled and passionate employees in today's workforce, whilst continuing to successfully complete high quality projects.

Alliance Construction Group prides itself on an efficient corporate structure.

What makes us different and sustainable.

  • We have a track record of success that comes from understanding and meeting the needs of our partners.
  • We take pride in our work, are grounded, intelligent and sophisticated in practice.
  • We are confident in our abilities, collaborative and approachable.

Range of Services

Pre-Design Cost Planning
Property Inspections
Construction Management
Project Management
Management Cost Reports
Cash Flow and Programming
Redesign / Refurbishment within Occupied Premises
Design and Construction